The theme of my works is based on the existence of mankind in nature.
Nature’s cycle goes on for eternity in the infinity of time passage.
― Our existence is only a part of the whole in nature. ―


 I have been creating objects mainly using paper. Japanese traditional paper Washi is made from fiber of trees such as Kozo, Ganpi and Mitsumata. Washi is a strong and sensitive paper created according to the traditional highly developed technique that originated in specific regions of Japan. Washi is most beautiful when it allows light to pass through. It is essential to have panels of Washi called Fusuma in the dwellings. This feature has been in use in our living space for a long time.


 I was inspired by the European art history and contemporary art and accordingly I studied at art colleges in Europe from 1988 to 1996. I have used various materials for my art works and eventually came to realize that my favorites are paper and natural materials such as bamboo, clay and jute. Since then it has been important for me to continue using upon the sense of material that became my works’ skin made by my hands.

 Apart from Japanese paper, I also use plants’ fibers, recycled paper and various other papers obtained whilst travelling in Europe and Asia. After my study in Europe, I was based in Tokushima known for production of good quality Kozo and Mitsumata. It was fascinating for me to work with those materials. I have been creating drawings, sculptures, installation works.


 In the end of a long journey, I happened upon the expressions bound up with the Japanes tradition.


 I like simple and strong form that reminds me of human’s primitive sensation.I am always astonished when I complete works as they go away from my hands and create a new space with light and shadow. Paper is a special material for me which offers boundless possibilities.

-Text extracted the paper art exhibition “Forms of Washi” / Nerima Museum Tokyo / 1999 –



Twenty years have passed since the exhibition “Forms of Washi”.
The changes in natural environment are only expanding more and more.
The impact that human society makes on the world of nature is too big.
The year 2020 is of a chaos.
― Our existence is only a part of the whole nature. ―



― Where do we come from and where are we going to? ―


Recently I have been painting landscapes of mountains from my heart and memory.
I think pictures reflect the inner heart of a person to the audience watching them.
What will we see beyond the mountains?
I wish the day comes when the light shines from the faraway mountains.

Reiko Nireki /December /2020