“The people I met – Beyond history”

Is time continually passing with the same speed?


if this is true, my time in 1999 might have dropped into a gap between the past and the future.
Never again ” O-ne Manokurozasu” where the wind was blowing through my drawings.Never again comes the time and the space with drawings of people I met. And never again will the summer of 1999 come back.
I cannot remember how I reached the place, drew dozens of pieces and completed my installation. I only know that there was always someone by me who encouraged and supported me in my work.
I met a sculptor when I was carving stone in a huge stone quarry in Portland off the southernmost tip of Dorchester in England.
We walked the road together; however, he walked quickly showing his back to me and passed away.
I am continuing along the road by myself.
Because I want to meet people and find myself through my art works.
Special thank you to Koshiro, Yoko, Kaho Sasage family and O-ne Manokorozasu 1999.

Reiko Nireki

“People Reiko Nireki Met – Beyond History”


Nireki says that her work is “a container of human-beings”.
The body containing the soul and the mind to hiding it, inside itself. She continues to work translating impressions of people she meets into vessels.
– Beyond History-
The drawing’s consisted of silhouettes and crowds of people; they travelled from Japan to England, Germany to India…
The drawings which seem to be her walking footsteps stopped for a rest in my house “O-ne Manokurozasu “.
The drawings overlap with the scenery of the neighboring mountains, receive the
rustling summer wind and flow through the north and the south.
They show expressions that seem to start to change at any moment.
It looks like they are preparing to move to another place.
It also looks like the begging of Reiko Nireki’s new journey.



Koshiro Sasage / Summer 1999
Organizer of O-ne Manokurozasu / Saitama / Japan


The people I met – Beyond the history
Installation: Drawings on Japanese washi-paper, pastel, charcoal
O-ne manokurozasu / Saitama / Japan / 1999
Photo by Motoi Okumura