Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei / Taiwan / 2013
Photo by Takashi Arai

“Tobusa Tate”

Tobusa Tate is a ceremony that shows the symbolic relationship between people and forests. When a tree has been cut down to build a boat people re-plant a branch with a wish to restore the tree’s life.

“The Wishing Tree”

・森羅万象  Shinra Banshou This means all things in the universe
・八百万の神 Yaoyorozu no Kami This means a great number of gods

 As these words show, since ancient time it’s been believed that numerous gods dwell in natural objects and phenomenon in Japan. Our history witnessed these religious beliefs based on a respect and awe for nature that has conserved the natural environment.
There have always been gods, which dwell in trees and rocks around our ordinary life, and have protected our lives over time.
Global warming and environmental pollution is out of control, now is the time for us to preserve nature around us.

The Wishing Tree was believed to make people’s wishes come true
But now it is our turn to listen to and fulfill the wishes of the trees
Until the time comes when the natural world no longer needs our help